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Looking for a new or used lift truck in Toronto?

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Purchasing a forklift or lift truck is a large investment that’s why sometimes it makes more sense to maybe rent one out or lease it.

You should only ever purchase a new forklift if you will be using it regularly. Newer forklifts are always more efficient, faster and more powerful then older models making them perfect for large warehouses and construction sites. You should only purchase a new forklift if you need top of the line performance and fuel economy; otherwise there are better options for you.The first thing you need to do is assess your situation, how long will I need it for, how often will it be used, how many will I need. When you’ve taken all these things into consideration you can then decide between finance, lease, rent, buy new and buying used.

Purchasing a used model means that you need to be willing to sacrifice a bit of fuel efficiency, power and speed. That being said, older models can just as easily be used in large warehouses and construction sites. The main difference is when buying used you are looking for a vehicle that may only last you a few more years.

Renting a forklift only makes sense if you will use it for a short period of time. It will get the job done and you don’t have a forklift leftover afterwards.  If you do decide to go with rent then only rent top o the line, this way you get the best performance available while only paying a small fraction of the price.

If none of the options above interest you, there is always the option to either lease a forklift or finance the forklift.

Looking for a new forklift can sometimes be difficult, and at times frustrating that’s why we do everything we can to make the whole experience as easy and painless for our customers as we can. So come by and give us a visit or give us a call and we would be more then happy to help.

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forklift torontoTypes of Forklifts: Electric versus Internal Combustion Engine
The main types of forklifts fall under two categories: Electric forklifts powered solely by an on-board battery and internal combustion (IC) forklifts, which use a traditional engine that runs on one of several types of fuel. In most cases, an electric forklift will be more expensive than an identically rated IC lift. To determine the real cost of your forklift, your calculations should consider operating costs per hour, including cost of fuel, maintenance, and supplies such as oil, batteries, accessories, and filters.

Electric Forklifts: Electric forklifts are well suited for indoor use and on well-paved parking lots, but cannot be used in the rain. Powered by large, heavy lead-acid batteries (the same kind found in a car but considerably bigger and more powerful), electric forklifts have several advantages over their IC counterparts.

  • Zero Emissions: If you plan on operating your lift truck indoors, a benefit of an electric forklift is the fact that it runs on zero emission. Provided that good ventilation is available, only propane-fueled lifts out of all the internal combustion models can be used indoors. Meanwhile, gas and diesel-powered models cannot be used inside at all.
  • Low Fuel Cost: electric forklifts may have a higher initial cost than internal combustion forklifts (new electric forklifts can cost 20% to 40% more than similarly rated IC forklifts), but they have a lower cost per hour of operation. This is because the cost of gas and diesel fuels makes internal combustion forklifts more expensive to operate on an hourly basis than rechargeable, battery-powered electric forklifts.
  • Quieter Operation: Electric forklifts produce less noise than IC forklifts, which is a benefit for indoor usage.
  • Long Lifespan: Since electric forklifts have fewer moving parts and are often used in cleaner environments than IC forklifts, they also tend to have a longer lifespan.

Electric forklifts have no fuel storage requirements and the batteries typically allow for one standard eight-hour shift, which means five or six hours of continual usage. Consider battery downtime when making an electric forklift purchase and remember that charging a forklift battery takes eight hours, plus eight hours of cooling time before it can be used. Due to this slow charging speed, if you need forklifts for two or three continuous shift operations, you will have to have extra batteries so you can charge the next one. A battery charging station will also be necessary. Chargers should be located in a dry, ventilated, and temperature-controlled location. If you have multiple batteries, you will also need special cranes to change them.

Internal Combustion Forklifts: Internal combustion (IC) forklifts are ideal for handling the largest loads and are the only option if your cargo is over 15,000 lbs. They typically stand up to certain types of abuse better than electric forklifts. Specifically, when using a forklift to push or tow loads, rather than lifting and driving, IC forklifts usually have better acceleration and top speeds, ideal for those types of tasks. Remember that though IC forklifts have a lower initial price point, they also cost more per hour to run than electric forklifts. Forklifts with internal combustion engines run on a variety of fuels, including gasoline, diesel fuel, liquid propane gas (LPG), and compressed natural gas (CNG).

For indoor/outdoor use, duel fuel systems are available that let you switch between LPG and gasoline. You can refuel IC forklifts on the fly: simply fill them up at a gas pump or load new LPG canisters and forklifts are ready to continue working in no time. Of the types of IC engines, fuel costs generally are highest for gasoline and lowest for diesel, with LPG in the middle. Fuel costs vary considerably from state to state, so you should investigate this cost in your area before deciding which option is best. With some IC forklifts, you will have to buy refueling equipment. For example, gasoline and diesel fuel require storage tanks and pumps. LPG requires only space for spare tank storage, which is usually managed by a propane vendor. The choice between gas, diesel, and propane is often made based on existing vehicles and equipment.

The wave of the future in forklift power is fuel cells. Hydrogen fuel cells have the advantages of electric power (zero emissions and quiet operation) plus the ability to be refueled as quickly as diesel or gasoline engines with no recharging time. Experimental fuel cell forklifts are already in use, and may start to be more widely available in coming years.

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