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Price: $57.50


Buy IC-10 Ice Chock Online:

  • The IC-10 Ice Chock helps to prevent a parked vehicle from moving; moreover, it fits many tires up to 22.5R.
  • It is made of formed steel for strength and has serrated / tooth-like metal strips on the bottom for the gripping surface in ice, snow, and other slippery conditions.
  • Besides, you will wonder to know its features; it is 8 wide x 10-1/2 long x 9-1/4 high.
  • So, the IC-10 ice chock price in Canada is affordable. So, you can buy IC-10 ice chock completes set online from premier lift equipment.

IC-10 ICE CHOCK Price & Features:

  • Tooth like bottom grips icy/slippery ground surfaces with ease.
  • Powder coated yellow for high visibility.
  • Formed Steel.
  • 8 wide x 10-1/2 long x 9-1/4 high.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 9 cm