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Lift Truck Log Electric Counter Balance Log (E)

Price: $69.50


Buy Lift Truck Log Electric Counter Balance Online In Canada

  • The lift truck log provides 624 daily forklift checklists (over two years) in one complete kit.
  • If the truck requires maintenance, a forklift repair request form can be filled out to alert alert management of the mechanical failure.
  • All the information is stored in the log to keep the history of the truck’s mechanical condition.
  • The lift log comes in a highly durable and visible storage case. Moreover, it is easily mounted on the forklift with double-sided tape.
  • We offer the best lift truck log electric counter balance online at an affordable rates. Shop now from premier lift equipment.

Lift Truck Log
Electric Counter Balance Log (E)

The complete Lift Truck recording system on the market! A guaranteed way to ensure everyone does their safety inspections.

Lift Truck Log Includes:
Daily Check Lists 624
Repair Request Forms 24
Accident Report Forms 4
Near-miss Report Forms 4
Lockout Tag (required if truck is unsafe to operate)
PM Tracking History 36 Events (know when to service each truck)

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Weight 2 kg