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Loading Dock Lights DL60-HDLED 60 Heavy Duty LED Dock Light

Price: $1,131.60


DL60-HDLED 60 Heavy Duty LED Dock Light

Up to 94% less energy than traditional incandescent fixtures.
Can outlast 25 incandescent bulbs.
Energy rebate potential.

Optimum brightness throughout the entire length of the trailer
Emits cool white light
Always cool to the touch

Impact-resistant, cast aluminum cover
Clear acrylic cover Ideal for use in food warehouses
Meets food facility requirements for no glass
Light is completely sealed for Wet Locations IP66, NEMA4

Eliminates light bulb replacement and/or clean-up
Upgrade kit minimizes installation time by reusing existing arms

Illumination exceeds a 300watt incandescent bulb while using only 18 watts
Minimum life of 60,000 hours at 90% lumen maintenance (over 10 years)
Constant current IP66 LED driver rated for 100,000 hours of operation at 77F
7 LED emitters, Heavy Duty 14 gauge,1-(38mm) square steel arms
Safety yellow, powder-coated finish for high visibility. Non-corrosive
UL, cUL, CE certified and RoHS Compliant
Voltage input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Available as complete dock light with a light head and arms or just the light head
Reach: 40 and 60 (1016mm and 1524mm)

The main features of Loading Dock Lights DL60-HDLED 60 Heavy Duty LED Dock Light:

  • Its illumination exceeds 300-watt incandescent bulbs while only using 18 watts. However, the minimum life of 60,000 hours at 90 percent lumen maintenance over 10 years.
  • It has up to 94% less energy than a standard incandescent feature.
  • It can outlast 25 incandescent bulbs with great energy rebate potential.
  • It is an impact-resistance, cast aluminum cover. Moreover, a clear acrylic cover is ideal for use in food warehouses.
  • So, it eliminates light-bulb replacement and or cleanup.
  • This 60-inch heavy-duty LED dock light price in Canada depends on the quality of the product. So buy a 60-inch heavy-duty LED dock light dlt60-hdled online from premier lift equipment.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg