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The Forklift Spotter Safe Zone Complete Kit

Price: $459.50


Buy Forklift Spotter Safe Zone Complete Kit Online In Canada:

  • The forklift spotter is a warning and awareness sign for employees and visitors.
  • It helps to increase the safety and effectiveness of the rear forklift spotter.
  • It works perfectly because it moves with the forklift, and onlookers are quickly warned of vehicles proceeding in their direction.
  • Rugged aluminum housing prevents rust and corrosion, and it is a complete kit (front, two sides, rear & universal bracket kit).
  • The forklift spotter safe zone complete kit price in Canada is affordable, so you can easily buy forklift spotter safe zone complete kit online in Canada from premier lift equipment.

The Forklift Spotter Safe Zone  Complete Kit
(Front, 2 Sides, Rear & 2 Universal Bracket kits)

Help prevent pedestrian collisions!

IRONguards Forklift Spotter Safe Zone can prevent these
potentially lethal accidents. This 360 Safe Zone provides a
visual alert around the entire forklift, making it immediately
clear to pedestrians, the safe distance to keep from the

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Weight 9 kg